Hector Sandoval is a
Certified Rolfer based in Boulder, Colorado.

Originally from Southern California, Hector grew up surfing, boxing and playing sports. After a chronic injury threatened his active lifestyle, he found physical and emotional healing and freedom in the practice of yoga. He developed a successful career as a yoga teacher, but still wanted to deepen his understanding of the healing and transformation through extensive education in the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic components of the human body. Today he blends his rich history as a yoga practitioner and teacher, with advanced training in Rolfing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy to offer a fully holistic approach to Rolfing Structural Integration.

In his study and practice of Rolfing Structural Integration, Hector helps clients resolve and heal the root causes of injuries, chronic pain, and physical restrictions and imbalances. He understands that pain can have many root causes and gives his clients emotional, physical and energetic support to achieve greater freedom and capacity in all areas of their lives.